Western Canada SFI Implementation Committee (WCSIC)

The BC and the Prairie Regional Committees of the WCSIC function is to effectively facilitate or manage at the provincial, or regional level the programs and alliances which support the growth of sustainable forest management and responsible fiber sourcing through the SFI program.

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About Us

The Western Canada Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee (WCSIC) is made up of Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Program Participants in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. SFI Program Participants are SFI certified forest companies or organizations that believe forest landowners have an important stewardship responsibility and a commitment to society, and they recognize the importance of maintaining viable public and private forest forestlands.

SFI Program Participants support sustainable forestry practices on forestland they manage and promote it on other lands. They support efforts to protect private property rights, and to help all landowners manage their forestland sustainably.

The WCSIC performs local outreach and education activities that promote sustainable forestry, the SFI program, and SFI Standard conformance on public and private forestlands.

WCSIC Brochure

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Sponsorship Requests

Our WCSIC members provide support to elevate conservation value, and foster community engagement that promotes awareness of SFI and sustainable forestry practices.

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Training Programs

SFI certified companies in Western Canada are guided by the WCSIC training policy. Here you will find all required and available training program details.

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